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What We Offer

Voice-to-Text Analysis

Through our AI-powered VTT analysis, including real-time chat synchronization, we capture content creators‘ every word, ensuring a thorough understanding of how a brand is represented. This analysis goes beyond pre-agreed CTAs, extending to spontaneous CTAs triggered by audience interactions in the chat. By monitoring these spontaneous interactions, we assess content creators‘ responsiveness and evaluate brand engagement in real-time. 

Our CTA compliance assessment provides valuable data on how well content creators deliver their CTAs, empowering brands to assess performance, optimize collaboration strategies,  enhance brand messaging and values alignment.

Sentiment Analysis
With our AI-driven sentiment analysis, we capture and analyze all chat messages and comments that allow us to draw conclusions about how potential customers perceive a brand. By categorizing these messages and comments and assigning them to a specific sentiment, we provide brands with a holistic overview of how their product placements are perceived by the target group.


By understanding the sentiment distribution and identifying prevalent sentiments, brands can gain a deeper understanding of audience preferences, pain points, and expectations related to their products. 

Competitor Analysis

Combined with the sentiment analysis our competitor analysis plays a crucial role in informing product development strategies. By leveraging community input to gain insights into competing products, we provide important support for customer-centric product development.

Enabled through AI applications trained on competitor keywords, brands can gain valuable insights into customer sentiments, challenges, and aspirations associated with competitor products. This knowledge can drive informed decisions and guide product development efforts towards meeting customer needs and exceeding their expectations.

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